Meet The Team

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Eleni grew up studying at the Conservatory of her home town, Edessa, Greece which is where her love for the piano began.  For years she followed the curriculum of the Conservatory, with theory lessons, aural and solfege practice, choir and more. She also never missed an opportunity to attend any piano seminar within reach. While she enjoyed playing music from the cinema, and rock transcriptions of classical pieces, classical music was closer to her heart and at grade 6 (P6), she earned the Scholarship of the Classical Piano department.

Although she decided to study English and Education at University, it became clear that she wanted to devote her life to practicing and teaching piano. After she finished her University studies, she prepared her Piano Diploma, with her teacher of 17 years. At the same time, she was doing her teaching practice, while attending many courses that explored various aspects of performance, expression, and the use of the body in performing arts.  She also returned to the conservatory where she had studied and taught the module 'piano as a second instrument', with all of her students passing with distinctions.

As a teacher, Eleni views musical education as a process that should be enjoyable. She is patient and has the creativity to combine the many educational techniques that she has acquired in her career as a teacher of both piano and English into her lessons. This allows her to adjust her lessons to the particular needs and learning styles of each student.  She also encourages expression and creativity and has attended training and seminars that promote the well-being of musicians (such as Focus Training, Satyananda Yoga for Musicians and the Alexander Technique). In her teaching, she prioritises cultivating her students’ love for music and personal growth, as well as their musical skills and perception. Currently, she is teaching many of her own pupils who range in experience from beginners all the way up to grade 8.  She is also training to become an Alexander Technique teacher, which is an educational technique aimed at improving a pianist's quality of movement and posture. Eleni hopes to bring the technique’s principles and practice into her piano teaching.



Edyta was born in Poland and started her music education at the age of 8. In 2014 she moved to Scotland to continue her studies at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. She has been training as a pianist, accompanist, conductor and arranger. Most of the supportive studies that Edyta chose included aural skills, advanced piano skills, composition, musicianship, music therapy, mindfulness and collaborative projects. Edyta’s focus includes the aspect of the performance, learning development and progress throughout a passion for music. She graduated with a First Class Bachelor with Honours and Master of Music degrees in 2020. During all her years of studying and playing the piano, Edyta has been a winner of many international piano competitions, played with various symphony orchestras including RSNO, Baltic Philharmonic, Scottish Sinfonia, Capella Gedanensis and Radio Gdansk Chamber Orchestra. Moreover, she has been a piano collaborator of a lot of contemporary music, including world premiere recordings and multi-piano performances. Currently, Edyta is an active performer as well as a passionate piano teacher. She has been providing piano, accompaniment and music theory tuition for students of all ages since 2019. Edyta developed her passion for teaching while participating in various masterclasses with world-famous pianists all over Europe. Her enthusiasm and good sense of humour helps her to lead a lesson as a funny and productive experience. She believes that students learn more if the lesson is entertaining, engaging, interactive and with focus on the main context of the lesson or musical piece. Although she has been trained as a classical pianist, Edyta is a huge fan of Rock n’ Roll, Funk, Musicals and Pop music. She is comfortable to teach through all ABRSM piano grades, as well as discover new repertoire from the contemporary pop musical world.The journey depends on the student’s interests.



Originally from Ireland, Laura began learning the piano in school at the age of 9. Here she learned how to read music, trained her ear with aural skills and attended theory classes. Her passion for music soon became clear, as she progressed quickly through the Royal Irish Academy of Music piano grades. Having an interest in all types of music, from jazz to traditional Irish, Laura later took up singing and the guitar. During high school, Laura successfully auditioned to attend piano lessons at DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama, where she achieved her ABRSM Grade 7.


Following her passion and love of music, Laura was one of ten people to be accepted into the Music Education bachelors degree at Trinity College Dublin in 2015. For four years she studied piano performance, music pedagogy, aural skills and composition, while also teaching piano in various music schools across Dublin. During her second year at university, Laura moved to Budapest, Hungary as part of the Erasmus programme to study music education at the prestigious Kodály Institute of the Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music. She spent six intensive months here learning about the educational methods and philosophies of Zoltán Kodály, while also studying aural skills, piano and singing under internationally renowned teachers.


After achieving a first-class honours in her music education degree in addition to a piano teaching diploma from the Royal Irish Academy of Music, Laura decided to pursue her other passion of Music Therapy. She is now studying a music therapy masters degree at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh and has a major interest in the areas of learning disabilities and mental health.  She has a lot of experience teaching music to students of all ages and abilities, including those with additional/special education needs. Laura believes that piano lessons are a place for freedom and creativity within music and a chance for students of all ages to find their musical voice, while developing technical and performance skills.



Megan grew up in a small village in Wales, Nantycaws, which translates to ‘Valley of the Cheese’. At the age of 6, Megan had her first piano lesson and fell in love with the instrument. In 2013, Megan completed her Diploma examination and got an unconditional offer to study the piano at the London College of Music. Alongside her piano Diploma, Megan has completed her Grade 8 Accompanying examination, her Grade 8 Duet examination and completed her Grade 8 ABRSM Violin exam, all before the age of 15. In 2014, Megan had the opportunity to tour Belgium and Paris with the County Orchestra. 


After achieving her music degree at Cardiff University, Megan went on to complete her two year secondary teacher training course at the Cardiff Metropolitan University.


After two years of teaching, Megan decided to continue her professional development and is currently a Music Therapy Masters student at Queen Margaret University. Megan has always enjoyed working with others, and has much experience working with children and individuals with additional support needs. Megan is a passionate musician who aims to facilitate positive changes in emotional well-being and communication through the engagement of music.


As a Piano tutor, Megan is fun, reliable and motivated. Through her teaching Megan aims to nurture her students' natural abilities and skills. Making a change is one of Megan’s key motivations when it comes to working with others. Megan is a very creative person and communicates this throughout her lessons.