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The First Note

Andrew has had a love of music from a young age and was always performing whenever possible. His musical instruction began when he joined the National Youth Choir of Scotland at the age of 8. Here he learned to read and understand music and trained his ear using techniques that he has incorporated into his own teaching style.  In high school he thoroughly enjoyed learning keyboard, drums and guitar and chose to begin learning the guitar and formed his own band where he was lead singer and guitarist. At this point his father, an accomplished singer, suggested he undertake piano lessons which he began at 16.


By the end of high school, he had achieved his ABRSM grade 6.  What began as a hobby grew into a fully-fledged passion: although initially en route to study medicine, he changed course in order to pursue the piano full time and has never looked back since. Immediately after school he began studying a two year course at the Music Box at Edinburgh College, where he attained his Grade 7 and 8 within his first year.  He also began learning the violin and achieved his grade 8 within just a year and a half. At this point he felt reassured that a career in music was where his future lay.

Andrew then attended the University of Aberdeen as they offered a joint  degree in Music and Education and it was his aim to become a high school music teacher, like the ones who had inspired him. Here, he improved as a pianist, furthered his understanding of musical theory and history and learned various teaching skills which he implemented on multiple high school teaching placements.  He also enjoyed performing as part of the University Symphony Orchestra, University Chorus and singing as part of the Glee Club. During his time at University, Andrew realised individual tuition was what inspired him rather than teaching curriculum music in High School. So after graduating in 2015, Andrew went about setting up his own business whilst working part time at a health club. 

He has now founded the Andrew Walker School of Music and personally teaches over 50 students a week in two different convenient locations in Edinburgh: Barnton Park and Clermiston.

Andrew's personal practice focuses on creating his own virtuosic arrangements of popular pieces. He is also currently putting together a 40 minute concert featuring works by famous composers.

During his time at College and University and since graduating, Andrew has performed at dozens of weddings and various events, either as a solo pianist or accompanying singers. He often performs original arrangements at the request of the employer.


Andrew has experience working at children's activity camps and was very excited to fuse this experience with his love of music and form his own  children's summer camp which focuses on singing and performance.  He runs this with longtime friend Hanah Hair, who went to the same piano teacher as him in Edinburgh and also studied music at Aberdeen.

Piano Tuition


Since graduating, he has founded the Andrew Walker School of Music. He now personally teaches over 50 students a week in two convenient locations in Edinburgh: Barnton Park and Clermiston .

For further lesson enquiries, please email andrewwalkerpiano@gmail.com.

School of Music

All teachers employed at the Andrew Walker School of Music are highly experienced and value the same ideal of achievement through enjoyment.  We believe this can be reached through open communication and flexibility (focusing on what would you like to learn) and with a patient and encouraging approach.


For further lesson enquiries, please email andrewwalkerpiano@gmail.com.

Introducing our New Piano Teacher


Due to increased demand, we are pleased to welcome aboard our new teacher, Eleni Konstantinidou. Eleni grew up studying at the Conservatory of her home town, Edessa, Greece which is where her love for the piano began.  For years she followed the curriculum of the Conservatory, with theory lessons, aural and solfege practice, choir and more. She also never missed an opportunity to attend any piano seminar within reach. While she enjoyed playing music from the cinema, and rock transcriptions of classical pieces, classical music was closer to her heart and at grade 6 (P6), she earned the Scholarship of the Classical Piano department.

Although she decided to study English and Education at University, it became clear that she wanted to devote her life to practicing and teaching piano. After she finished her University studies, she prepared her Piano Diploma, with her teacher of 17 years. At the same time, she was doing her teaching practice, while attending many courses that explored various aspects of performance, expression, and the use of the body in performing arts.  She also returned to the conservatory where she had studied and taught the module 'piano as a second instrument', with all of her students passing with distinctions.

As a teacher, Eleni views musical education as a process that should be enjoyable. She is patient and has the creativity to combine the many educational techniques that she has acquired in her career as a teacher of both piano and English into her lessons. This allows her to adjust her lessons to the particular needs and learning styles of each student.  She also encourages expression and creativity and has attended training and seminars that promote the well-being of musicians (such as Focus Training, Satyananda Yoga for Musicians and the Alexander Technique). In her teaching, she prioritises cultivating her students’ love for music and personal growth, as well as their musical skills and perception. Currently, she is teaching many of her own pupils who range in experience from beginners all the way up to grade 8.  She is also training to become an Alexander Technique teacher, which is an educational technique aimed at improving a pianist's quality of movement and posture. Eleni hopes to bring the technique’s principles and practice into her piano teaching.

For further lesson enquiries, please email andrewwalkerpiano@gmail.com.

piano teacher edinburgh
piano teacher edinburgh
piano teacher edinburgh

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